• Keep your attention on the road at all times. Make sure you’re checking your mirrors and observing the traffic around you frequently.
  • Allow other people to pass you. Do not speed up to match the speed of a car that is attempting to go around you. If you aren’t passing cars in the right lane, move into the right lane so that others can pass.
  • Use your turn signals early, giving enough time to warn the drivers around you of your intentions. Turn on your blinker before you arrive at a red light or stop sign, not after.
  • Be careful of intersections. Never switch lanes while in an intersection, and if traffic on the other side of the intersection has stopped, do not pull up where you will block the intersection if the light changes.
  • Never accelerate when the light turns yellow! If you have enough room to stop safely, you may not have the time to make it through the intersection before the light turns red.
  • It is polite to slow to allow a turning car to go in front of you, but never do so if it means slowing the traffic behind you. Other drivers will not expect you to suddenly begin braking.
  • The distance between you and the car ahead of you should be approximately 2-4 seconds of travel. Give them more space if you are experiencing bad weather or driving conditions.
  • Trucks often have difficulty maneuvering, including stopping, turning, and backing up. Don’t forget that if you can’t see the truck’s mirrors, they probably can’t see you.